The Near Infrared Research Corporation

The Near Infrared Research Corporation

The Near Infrared Research Corporation is a source of assistance for anyone using near infrared spectroscopy for chemical analysis and the associated techniques of mathematics of spectroscopic data (Chemometrics). Our award-winning, world-class consultants and our unique products, which are directed to the specialized requirements of Near Infrared analysis, can be invaluable in assisting the neophyte to get "over the hump" and successfully implement Near Infrared methods.


Often abbreviated NIR, Near-Infrared is a type of Spectroscopy. The modern application of NIR uses it to measure the composition of unknown samples (i.e., to do chemical analysis), using techniques invented by scientists at the USDA. It has become a very popular technique in a wide variety of industries due to it's speed, accuracy, wide applicability and avoidance of extraneous chemicals. It is widely used in agricultural, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and many other industries.

The basis of NIR analysis is the presentation of a set of samples to an NIR spectrometer. The spectrometer measures the samples, and then sophisticated mathematical calculations relate those measurements to known properties (including the composition) of the samples. This is called "training" the instrument.

Another common use applies a different type of "training" to allow the instrument to automatically identify whether a sample is a given material by comparing the measurements to those made on known materials.

In both types of "training" the necessary calculations are performed by a pre-programmed computer, minimizing the amount of information the user has to supply.

A short tutorial on the setup and application of NIR analysis is available here:

  • NIR Tutorial


    The Near Infrared Research Corporation specializes in providing hardware and software for NIR spectroscopic analysis, and consulting services for a wide range of scientific problems relating to spectroscopy.

    We can put you in touch with award-winning, world-class consultants specializing in all apsects of NIR: calibration and model development, special-purpose and custom programming to analyze your NIR data, and instrument selection and custom accessory development.

    We provide unique hardware and software products, some unavailable anywhere else.


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    "Spectroscopy" is the name of the science that studies how light and matter interact. When light (or near-infrared) shines on a material, the amount absorbed depends on the composition of that material. By carefully measuring the light, therefore, we can learn about the nature and composition of the material. Spectroscopy, and especially Near Infrared Spectroscopy has many uses, but our interest is in helping people use Near-Infrared to do chemical analysis.