Our world-class consultants have a wide range of experience in NIR, Chemometrics, and all subjects related to the installation, implementation and use of Near-Infrared analysis. They each have at least 20 years experience in this field and can help you select, install, calibrate, customize, develop and perform all other tasks needed to successfully implement NIR analysis.


Dr. Howard Mark
Mark Electronics
Howard Mark, the founder of The Near Infrared Research Corporation and the winner of the EAS award for Achievement in Near Infrared Spectroscopy for 2003, has worked with NIR since 1976 when he joined Technicon Instrument Corp.

In the R&D department, Howard implemented many "firsts" for NIR. He developed the first extended-range filter instruments and internal-reference double-beam monochromator instruments, created the first universal calibration, performed the first application of NIR to many industries, and created the first qualitative analysis software for NIR. He designed, developed, modified and optimized the instruments and associated software and ensured that the instruments performed their functions to the level needed to satisfy the user requirements. In the Applications department, he worked with customers in the chemical and other industries to install, implement, calibrate the instruments and ensure that the entire installation met the customer's needs.

He is now an independent consultant for NIR, helping instrument developers (both start-ups and established companies) and users (pharmaceutical, medical devices and other companies) get the most out of NIR. Howard also teaches courses in NIR, Statistics and Chemometrics in Amsterdam and New Brunswick under the auspices of the Center for Professional Advancement, and also privately.

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David W. Hopkins
NIR Consultant
David Hopkins has been in the NIR field since 1978, when he became Laboratory Supervisor at DICKEY-john Corp and was responsible for the calibrations for wheat, corn, soybean and other food and agricultural products in filter instruments. Dave obtained experience in developing calibrations for instrument network at Kelloggs Co, where calibrations shared with raw material suppliers gave benefits of uniform quality measurements and reduced costs of measurements to both shippers and receivers. As a consultant since 1992, Dave has worked for instrument manufacturers and users. He has been part of teams working to develop new instrumentation, and he has mentored numerous clients in application of chemometrics to their spectroscopic data. He also teaches the ACS short course Using NIR for Qualitative and Quantitative Measurements.

Emil W. Ciurczak
NIR Consultant
Emil W. Ciurczak has been in the field of NIR for over 20 years. He has over 30 years of pharmaceutical experience at companies such as Sandoz, Ciba-Geigy, Merck, and Purdue. He has also worked and consulted for several NIR instrument manufacturers such as Technicon, NIRSystems, Brimrose, and Spectral Dimensions. He has taught NIR courses for ACS, FACSS, and the Center for Professional Advancement, both in the US and Europe.

Emil has several dozen publications and is the editor/author of the "Handbook of Near-Infrared Analysis, (1st and 2nd editions) "Molecular Spectroscopy Workbench," and "Pharmaceutical and Medical Applications of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy." He holds four patents in NIR and has presented several hundred presentations at conferences. He also was a member of the PAT Validation Sub-Committee to the Science Advisory Board to the FDA. Emil currently consults for instrument companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and the FDA.