The following Near-Infrared spectrometers are thoroughly reconditioned and tested to factory specifications and are available for purchase:

Technicon InfraAlyzer model 500

This top-of-the-line scanning NIR spectrophotometer covers the 1100 to 2500 nm range with 10 nm resolution using a diffraction grating. It includes a diffuse-gold reference reflector that is measured along with the sample for every wavelength measured, to provide both short- and long-term stability and ultimate consistency of the readings. Calibrations developed on this can be transferred to the I/A-400 and I/A-450 instruments listed below, or this instrument can be used in a stand-alone mode.


Technicon InfraAlyzer model 400

This workhorse instrument covers the 1445 to 2348 nm range with 19 filters, and can be programmed with calibrations to make measurements of up to 10 constituents per product, and for multiple products. It is capable of output of results to an external computer for calibration, or to a printer. Each unit has been cleaned and serviced, and is warranteed for operation.


Technicon InfraAlyzer model 450

This instrument is similar to the InfraAlyzer 400, but has the added capability of input to and from a computer, so that its function can be controlled by an external personal computer. The available units are InfraAlyzer 400 units with circuit board upgrades to full InfraAlyzer 450 functionality, within the robust 400 console. Each unit has been cleaned and serviced, and is warranteed for operation.